Floor Standing Bags / Torso's

Floor standing bags have grown as an industry over the last few years and now the choice is huge. Designed to be a more portable option than a standard hanging bag, there are now, full length, half length and torso shaped versions available. They generally come with a stem/base that is filled with water or sand to stabilise them.

These are ideal for home use and fitness style gym use BUT BEWARE! There are some horrible versions out there and the price reflects that! You will find our range as cheap as they can be for the best possible items in each price bracket. And as always:

Our experts are here to talk you through the selection process on 'Live Chat', email or via telephone. So please take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you need to!

Please also refer to our BUYERS GUIDELINES below to help you with your choice.


  • Consider what the bag will be used for to establish the length, shape & weight that is suitable for you
  • Consider the make up of the bag. None of these are leather so it is important to know the benefits of P.U, Bayflex and other modern materials
  • Ensure that you know the approx. weight of the bag and check that your Floor area and storage is suitable
  • We have over 20 years of selecting and testing good quality bag products

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