Focus Pads

Focus Pads, also known as Hook & Jab pads come in many shapes and sizes. Their purpose remains the same regardless of this. They serve to improve punch combination speed, skills & accuracy. They are an excellent tool used by combat sports person in the world.

There are so many different options it is often difficult to know which pad is the right one for you. Our experts are here to talk you through the process on 'Live Chat', email or via telephone. So please take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you need to!

Please also refer to our BUYERS GUIDELINES below to help you with your choice.



Focus pads come in so many variations but there are key points to remember. Firstly, they take a lot of punishment so take into consideration the amount of use they will get. Anything more than occasional should be a leather pad. 

 Straight Focus Pads:

  • Slightly smaller than many
  • Designed for general use
Long Straight Focus Pads:

  • Better for heavy hitters
  • Also designed for general use
Curved Focus Pads:

  • Come in various sizes
  • Allow easier delivery of angled punches
  • More comfortable for the pad holder 
Air Focus Pads:

  • Better for heavy hitters
  • Extra thick for impact absorption
 General Information:

  • Many variations are designed with an 'impact' ball as part of the design. This sits in the palm of the pad wearer for additional comfort and stability.
  • For anything more than occasional use also look for some kind of wrist support.


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