Gum Shields

You only get one set of adult teeth - so protect them!

Protection ranges from the standard 'boil & bite' right through to excellent top end varieties that come complete with shock reducing technology that not only helps to protect mouth and teeth, but reduces the impact shock going to the jaw & brain.

All gumshields are the mould in hot water variety. Your dentist may give you the perfect fitting shield but many of these listed here will give you that extra protection, and if moulded correctly provide an excellent fit .

Our experts are here to talk you through the selection process on 'Live Chat', email or via telephone. So please take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you need to!

Please also refer to our BUYERS GUIDELINES below to help you with your choice.



The advice is simple - get the best you can afford!  There is no such thing as ' We are just going light' or 'We are just starting out'. Injury comes at any time, usually by accident and especially when you are just starting out!

Single Gumshield:

  • The more you pay the better the technology and protection. The product descriptions will help you decide.
  • The initial coverage protects the top teeth but also protrudes enough to offer a degree of protection to the bottom teeth also

 Double Gumshield:

  • Offering total coverage with a breathing hole through the middle 

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