Hand wraps are an essential part of combat sports training. Hands are fragile and need full structure and protection.

Many people are too lazy to spend the time wrapping up or think that they will 'toughen' their hands and wrists by not wearing them!

Lets put it this way - If someone were to hit you over the head with a hammer, would you rather not wear a crash helmet to 'toughen up' your skull? 

Put your hand wraps on, every time, and avoid silly injuries and long term hand problems!

Our experts are here to talk you through the selection process on 'Live Chat', email or via telephone. So please take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you need to!

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As with many items, hand wraps might all seem the same, but in fact there are many choices. We ONLY stock good quality hand wraps!

Size / Length:

  • Kids & small adults - 2.5M
  • Amateur Boxers - AIBA approved 2.5m
  • Average Adults - 3.5m - 4.5m
  • Big hitters & fragile hands - 5m

  • Herringbone - Traditional, hard wearing
  • Mexican Stretch - Comes with a little stretch in the material allowing the wrap to curve around the contours of the hand. Very comfortable and the material of choice for most boxers and martial artists.
Gel / Heavy Hitters:

  • Comes in a glove like design with a gel or pad over the knuckle
  • Additional hand wrap attached to secure wrist or provide extra knuckle padding
  • For fragile / injured hands & heavy hitters
Slip on style:

  • For occasional, low impact training.


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