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Friday, 8 November 2013  |  Carl



Check out your kit bags. do you have everything that you need for looking after those limbs, joints, shins, hands, etc? 

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of accessories at Bulldog Fight Store!


Handwraps come in many sizes and colours. 2.5m, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5m. You will probably have your favourites but our best sellers are MTG 2.5m, MTG 5m, Bad Boy 2.5m & Bad Boy 3.5m. We also stock the ABA approved Adidas 2.5m for amateur competition.

If you are in a hurry, doing bootcamp or just plain lazy, we have a big selection of slip on , easy wear handwraps to choose from 

Bulldog Fight Store always have great deals on Groin Protection. A massive range is available from the most basic Adidas Martial Arts Groinguard to the all singing and dancing Pro Boxing Abdo Guards.

Our best sellers are The Adidas Groin Guard and the Bad Boy Defender Compression Shorts With Cup.


Gumshield technology moves on very quickly! Bulldog Fight Store has  many choices from the cheap and cheerful Boil & Bite upwards.

Our very best sellers are the OPRO range. Silver, Gold, Gold Premium & Platinum.. Also the Bad Boy Battle Ready range and the Fight Dentist.


Protective padding for the Knees & Elbows is essential in training and Bad Boy offer both at an excellent price.

The FBT Muay Thai competition Knee & Elbow pads are also great value offering a greater degree of comfort than most other brands.

As always Adidas offer a full range of Elbow & Knee pads also.

The ankles take a pounding in Martial arts, especially in Muay Thai and MMA training.

Bulldog Fight Store best sellers include Bad Boy Ankle Supports and Sandee Ankle Supports .

Now is the time to get those stocking fillers so check in now for discounted prices!

Don't forget that many items still have the FB share option for even more discount!


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