Fairtex: Docking Right Now @ Bulldog Fight Store!

Monday, 11 November 2013  |  Carl


Yes, it's here! the new Fairtex shipment is just about docking.

Having braved the high winds last week, the ship was unable to dock and was diverted back into mainland Europe. But we are still ready in good time for Xmas and Bulldog Fight Store is fully stocked!

We are still one of the most competitive stores in the market place and will continue trying to bring you top brands and top deals across the ranges!

The best sellers are all on board including Fairtex Curved Thai Pads, Fairtex Thai Shorts and the full range of Fairtex 3 Tone Boxing Gloves and Fairtex Breathable Boxing Gloves. There are also a few new designs to be added over the next week or so!

For the coaches we have the excellent Fairtex Thigh Pads and Fairtex Belly Protectors. But only in limited quantities as the pre-order for both items was massive and stock is scarce!

The ever popular Fairtex 6ft Banana Bag is also in there along with The Fairtex Bowling Bag and some new items in that range.

The best selling Fairtex Gym Holdall is well stocked  and is always a seasonal favourite!

All this and plenty more to choose from @ Bulldog Fight Store! 

Don't forget that many items offer the FB share discount option. Press that button at the checkout for an extra 5% offer! 

It's the last hit before Xmas and you know that you have to be quick.

So eyes down - look in! 

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