Carl Froch-George Groves II: How the news broke

Monday, 17 February 2014  |  Carl


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CARL FROCH and George Groves have agreed to fight again. It's been a busy day. Here's what unfolded. Keep on scrolling...


The Boxing News site recovers. We're back baby!

Like Ladbrokes, William Hill make Froch a 4/9 favourite with Groves at 7/4.

“Carl Froch will know the dangers that George Groves poses after their first bout, while Groves will have a meticulously designed gameplan after he ran out of steam in the fight in November,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “This is going to be even closer than the previous fight.”

Groves takes to Twitter.

It's on!!!!! The rematch! @Carl_Froch has made a terrible terrible mistake! #TeamSaintGG #TicKTock

Meanwhile, trainer Joe Gallagher tells his Twitter army that he would rather see Froch-Chavez than Froch-Groves II. It’s safe to say he’s in the minority.

Froch, Groves and Hearn confirm the rematch live on Sky Sports. For now, Froch and Groves are – understandably – in separate studios.

Hearn declares that ‘six or seven’ stadiums are in play and a crowd of 80,000 may watch the fight. “I want to see how big we can make it,” he says.

Froch: "Since the first fight he's done a lot of whinging and moaning and the only thing he has done is put himself into the mandatory position.”

Groves: “I systematically beat him from round one to round nine.”

Froch: “I don’t know how I’ll be in the fight. I don’t know if my tank is empty. But right now, I feel physically great.”

The rivals may not have been together but they soon clashed.

“A little birdie from your camp tells me you whinge about your bald swede,” Froch sneered, referring to his enemy’s hairline.

Groves appeared shocked by the accusation before pressing Froch on exactly who gave him the information.

“Listen,” Froch said. “I have no interest in talking to you.”

Official press release from Matchroom lands:

“I'm pleased to finally get my next fight confirmed,” said Froch. “We had a number of options but ultimately I listened to the public and gave them what they wanted, I expect this to be one of the biggest fights the country has ever seen.

“It's been a difficult period for me following the first fight. I've had to listen to his endless whining and appeals when ultimately the referee did him perhaps the biggest favour possible and saved him from a devastating knockout, whilst denying me the right if a clinical finish and a great comeback victory.

“I was poor in the first fight. I didn't give him the respect as a fighter and lacked the drive that I had against Lucian Bute and Mikkel Kessler. Well now he has my attention but ultimately it's not going to get any better for George from here. He threw the kitchen sink at me that night and I still found a way back in the fight to win. I love to fight and I can't wait to get back in there and do a proper job in him.”

“I feel blessed that I am getting this fantastic opportunity to participate in what could be Britain's biggest ever boxing match,” said Groves. “I am still shocked that Froch has agreed to take the fight. I respect him for his bravery.

“Now I am preparing to get in the greatest physical and mental shape possible to destroy Froch in what can only be a three-round fight. Britain will have its own Hagler-Hearns to talk about for years to come. I am counting down the days until I'm World Super Middleweight champion.”

“Quite simply, I believe this is the biggest fight in British boxing history,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “Taking away the controversy from their first encounter, it was one of the most epic and exhilarating fights I have ever witnessed and I’m delighted the public are going to get a chance to see it all again. The unanswered questions from the first fight may now be answered. Get ready for a whirlwind of a build-up and an event and fight for the ages – Froch v Groves 2 is on!”

It has been suggested that the sequel will break Box Office records for a British fight, and the 55,000 who attended Ricky Hatton’s 2008 victory over Juan Lazcano at the City of Manchester Stadium could also be topped.

Danny Winterbottom has spoke to Paddy Fitzpatrick – Groves’ trainer. This is what he has to say:

“Knowing is the key difference this time,” Paddy Fitzpatrick, trainer of George Groves, told Boxing News.

“In the first fight George went into the ring with 100 per cent confidence. Now he has knowing. He knows he can hurt Carl, he knows he is far quicker than Carl and he knows his footwork is much better than Carl’s.”

Does Fitzpatrick believe that Froch’s iron will and confidence has been dented by Groves’ terrific showing in the first fight?

“I don’t perceive Carl to be a confident individual.  He’s a very flippin’ tough human being but there is a difference between being able to bite down on your gum shield and fight and scrap until your wheels fall off and confidence that allows you to walk up to your opponent, hit him with two right hands, and get out of there before he can hit you back, because you know you can.  That’s confidence.”

Throughout the build up to their first and unforgettable encounter Groves irritated Froch by continually questioning him and stating what he was and wasn’t going to do to the champion once the bell sounded.  Froch, often looking frustrated when the pair shared the limelight, tried to laugh off what he considered to be Groves’ disrespect and promised to let his fists do the talking.

However it was Groves’ prophecies that came true, to a point, as he continually brutalised the iron chin of the champion with fast rights and pulverising lefts in the opening exchanges.

‘Even iron can wear out’, the great Gil Clancy had observed during Rolando Navarrete and ‘Bazooka’ Limon’s epic 1988 rematch, and Fitzpatrick wonders if the same logic will apply here.

“Of course after a long career as a ‘warrior’ we don’t know what Carl has got left.  How do you get that ‘warrior’ tag?  By finishing a fight after taking horrendous punishment but that isn’t good for your health, period.”

“Carl won’t know how much damage has been done in that first fight and he won’t know how much he can take in the second.”

“Bernard Hopkins is still going at 49 because he doesn’t get hit.  Carl was hit more in the fight with George than Hopkins has been hit in his career.  The knockdown wasn’t like the knockdowns that Felix Trinidad used to suffer where he would be up at three, take it to the dude and finish him in two rounds.  That wasn’t the case.  It wasn’t like George had brief success and then faded; he dropped Carl heavily and continued to dominate the power punching exchanges.   Was George hurt in that ninth round?  Yeah, I’d say he was hurt.  But not in the way Carl was continually hurt throughout the fight.”

This website crashes under the weight of eagerness to find out more about the return.

Ladbrokes announce that Froch is 4/9 favourite to win the rematch, with Groves 7/4 to gain revenge. The draw might be worth a cheeky fiver at 25/1.

Froch is 7/2 to win by points and just even money by KO, while it's 10/3 Groves triumphs on points with the upset knockout looking tempting at 5/1.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "Unfortunately for Groves the odds suggest lightening will strike twice and Froch will come out the victor once again."

Matchroom’s Anthony Leaver rules out Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium as a potential venue because One Direction have a gig there on May 31. He must have tickets to see the pop giants.

Carl Froch and George Groves have decided to resolve their differences in the ring and will go to war again at the end of May. The venue will be a football stadium with Old Trafford and Emirates looking the most likely, while Nottingham's City Ground is also under consideration.

The rivals have engaged in a drawn-out 'will they, won't they' saga since Froch stopped Groves in controversial circumstances in November last year. The WBA and IBF super-middleweight champion survived a first round knockdown before rallying to halt Groves in the ninth. Referee Howard Foster was widely criticised for jumping in when Groves - ahead on the cards - seemed able to continue.

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