Glory 17: Heading For London!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014  |  Carl

We already knew that GLORY 17 would go down in New York City, but were still without a solid date for it. Now, thanks to the Fight Network, we know that GLORY 17 will take place on June 21st.

But wait, there's more! They also have scheduled dates and places up for GLORY 18 and GLORY 19 as well, giving us a brief glimpse into the future for the next few months. GLORY 18 is July 19th from London, England and GLORY 19 is August 16th from San Jose, California. Both London and Northern California are tremendous ideas for Kickboxing events, with both housing strong Kickboxing communities and lots of potential fans in the area.

Stay tuned for more on upcoming GLORY events. Remember that these are not official by any means.

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