Boxing: Froch Ends The Feud!

Monday, 2 June 2014  |  Carl


CARL FROCH closed the grudge with George Groves via the finest right hand he’s ever thrown in the eighth round of their toxic return. The challenger, overflowing with confidence and prophecies of grandeur in the build-up, folded on impact. He gamely tried to rise but, long after the contest was rightly called off by the referee, his legs still refused to obey him.

The contest was poised at the point of impact. Froch showed respect unseen in their first encounter as he boxed patiently behind his jab but the speed and power of Groves was always evident. The original was a barnburner, whereas this rematch, played out in front of almost 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium simmered until the sudden explosion.

Groves seemed to be slipping out of contention in the first half but was reunited with his groove in the seventh when a spearing left rocked and slowed the champion’s advances. Suddenly it was Froch who seemed to be losing his way. But he found it in round eight.

With Groves on the ropes, defending a decoying left, Froch hurled in a right hand fuelled with a year’s worth of torment. It twisted Groves’ head and sent him down in a heap, his left foot lost beneath him. The war was over.

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