UFC Anti Trust Lawsuit: Details Released!

Monday, 5 January 2015  |  Carl

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Details of UFC Anti-Trust Lawsuit Released

Details of a now in motion anti-trust lawsuit brought against Zuffa, parent company of MMA powerhouse promotion UFC, were released today during a press conference held in San Jose, California.


Outside of the actual details of the suit, perhaps the biggest news was the new names attached to the suit itself. Jon Fitch, Cung Le and Nate Quarry were named as the plantiffs in the suit. While other fighters can be accepted into the suit, these three men are identified as "identity class plaintiffs" on the official court documents. 


While the suit itself wasn't discussed in detail, the officially filed court documents were released today, and can be viewed here:




The suit itself alleges that the UFC has violated The Sherman Act, which in essence states that the UFC put into place practices that aimed to purposely eliminate competition, and as a result, created a marketplace that was unable to offer suitable compensation to professional mixed martial artists. 


The Sherman Act can be viewed here:




Some points brought up were the UFC's comparison to the NFL as "the only game in town", but show the differences between both the NFL and the UFC's business practices and business model as a whole. Also mentioned was certain practices such as the allowance, or non-allowance, or sponsors within the Octagon which pose a "direct competition" to the UFC. 


It should be noted that A. The lawyers involved on behalf of the plantiffs are the Joseph Saveri Law Firm, Inc, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC, and Berger & Montague, P.C. All of these noted firms have been involved in very high profile cases similar to this, and have came out victorious against companies such as Apple, Google, Adobe, Dow Chemical, and others. And B. The suit is being heard in California, a notorious "plantiff" friendly state in cases such as these.


While no official statement has been released from Zuffa as of yet, be sure that we will hear some form or statement from a Zuffa official in the coming days.

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