Coming Soon From SANDEE!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015  |  Carl

We are now well into the swing of things for 2015 and Bulldog Fight Store already carry the fantastic SANDEE BOXING range of gloves. Above are just a few of the available styles. The current choices include the Cool-Tec range which is available in Leather and P.U, The Authentic range - also in Leather and P.U and the Essentials range, just in P.U.

For the Thai Boxers there is a full matching range of protective gear to suit all budgets. Shin pads, Head guards, Body shields etc. Along with the best quality Thai Pads and Focus Pads.

But just check this out: A new range Boxing gloves due in March 2015. Scheduled to be available in 8oz -16oz we are certain that the first shipment will sell out as soon as it lands.

We have put our money down on the SANDEE brand in 2015 and we recommend that you do too.

Please contact us for advice so that we can find the right glove for you!

REMEMBER: We are professionals. We use this equipment every day. Our quest is not to try and sell you the most expensive item, it is to try and sell you the correct item. We would love to talk with you to establish your needs and enable you to buy with confidence!

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