Golovkin V Murray: Just One Week Away!

Sunday, 15 February 2015  |  Carl

SOURCE: www.boxingnews24.com

By Scott Gilfoid: Next Saturday night on February 21st, WBA Super World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (31-0, 28 KOs) will be defending his WBA title against #1 WBC Martin Murray (29-1-1, 12 KOs) on HBO Championship Boxing in Monte Carlo.

Earlier today, Golovkin and Murray both weighed in for their 7-day weights. Golovkin came in at 163 pounds. Murray weighed in five pounds over the middleweight limit at 165 pounds. Golovkin has very little weight to take off for the fight, and he should have no problems.

Murray’s job will be a little more difficult with him having to lose five pounds.

What we don’t know is how much weight the two fighters have already lost in order to edge closer to the 160 pound weigh-in limit. It’s impossible to think that the two guys haven’t already started draining down to make the 160 pound weigh-in limit

In Murray’s case, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he started draining down from 180 over a week ago, because he’s a huge middleweight, and it’s hard to believe that his natural weight right now is 165 pounds. I see him being at least 175 pounds when he steps inside the ring on February 21st, if not 180+.

For Murray, 32, this will be the moment of truth. He’ll be getting his third shot at a world title, and possibly his last. If he fails this time like he did the two other previous time, it’s difficult to see him getting a fourth shot. I mean, there are other challengers out there who deserve to get title shots rather than having Murray get shot after shot with him failing each time.

If Murray had to earn his title shots by beating someone good like Marco Antonio Rubio or David Lemieux, then you could understand him getting all these title shots. But with wins over guys like Domenico Spada and Max Bursak, Murray hasn’t had to beat anyone that I would call a dangerous fighter for him to get a crack at a title.

Golovkin has the power, speed, and experience and skill advantage in this fight. While he’s the lighter fighter compared to Murray, he still has the better punching power. That’s something that Murray is going to have to deal with on February 21st because he’s not going to be able to use his size to bully a talent like Golovkin.

Murray will wind up walking into some huge shots if he tries to rough Golovkin up around the ring. Murray will also have major problems if he chooses to hide behind his clam-shell guard for the full 12 rounds.

If Murray puts up his clam-shell, you can bet that Golovkin will immediately start attacking him to the body with painful body shots. Murray’s body will be wide open for Golovkin to dissect with his body shots due to Murray keeping his high clam-shell guard up to protect his head.

Murray’s high guard has been useful for him in the past due to him fighting mostly headhunters. Golovkin is a fighter who balances his shots from head and body, so it won’t work for Murray to just keep his clam-shell guard up for 12 rounds in order to survive to the finish.

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