SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards: Now In Stock!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015  |  Carl


For a long time the World of sports protection has laid stagnant, lacking imagination and personality. Consumers have been craving a Mouthguard that allows them to express their inner self, now they have it. Each design in our range has its own personality and everyone can connect with at least one. It's safe to say that in the mind of SAFEJAWZ owners Worldwide, we are not just another Mouthguard. Behind our exciting designs, however, is a Mouthguard based on the science of dental protection. See below for an outline of our impressive features.

SAFEJAWZ are made of a high-grade, dual layer, Fluid-FitTM compound that allows for the ideal thickness to protect in all sports while providing a comfortable, firm fit. This snug fit is vital for protection, and that's why SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards are re-mouldable to allow for dental changes and incorrect fittings. 

While we pride ourselves on having the most fun Mouthguards on the market, protection is still our priority. As well as a durable, dual-layer construction, SAFEJAWZ Mouthguards feature textured Jaw-Impact Pads that absorb shock from upward impacts while stabilising the jaw and limiting lateral displacement.

Desirable and Functional, it's no wonder SAFEJAWZ are selling fast.





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