Yokkao 14: Results

Saturday, 17 October 2015  |  Carl

SOURCE: www.liverkick.com

This past weekend in the UK Yokkao returned to Bolton for another big double header, this time with Yokkao 14 and Yokkao 15. Each show had their own big fights and from the reactions that I've seen online everyone who was in attendance once again walked away extremely happy. The big fights on Yokkao 14 saw Reece McAllister defeat Josh Turbill via TKO in R1 and Saenchai took the fight to Massaro Glunder, who took the fight on short notice, by winning a decision.

At Yokkao 15 Jordan Watson defeated Jordann Pikeur via decision and Singdam took Liam Harrison a full five rounds picking up the decision. Results powered by Kiksie. When video is available we'll let you know.

Yokkao 16 will be on the 13th of November in Argentina.

Yokkao 14

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -65kg

Jack Kennedy def. Michael McGeachan by TKO in Round 3


Joe McGovan def. George Davies by TKO in Round 4

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -65kg

Myk Estlick def. Mike Bateman by TKO in Round 3

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -61,5kg

Keith McLachlan def. Ian Houillebecq by Unanimous Decision

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -70kg

Reece McAllister def. Josh Turbill by TKO in ROund 1

Thailand vs Holland -65kg

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym def. Massaro Glunder by Unanimous Decision

Yokkao 15

Yokkao UK Ranking Fight 70kg Jack Fallon def. Luke IMeson by TKO in Round 1

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -65kg

Tommi McCormick def. Brian Totty by TKO in Round 1

YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight -72,5kg

Jake Purdy def. Soloman Wickstead by Majority Decision

UK vs Holland -70kg

Jordan Watson def. Jordann Pikeur by Unanimous Decision

UK vs France -61,5kg

Christopher Shaw def. Karim Bennoui by Unanimous Decision

UK vs Thailand -65kg

Singdam Kiatmoo9 def. Liam Harrison by Unanimous Decision

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