SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final Results: Loren Knocks Out Stoica

Monday, 9 November 2015  |  Carl




Some interesting developments out of Romania today as the favorite in their heavyweight tournament, Roman Kryklia, was defeated in the finals by Tarik Khbabez via decision. Kryklia has been seen as one of the hottest heavyweight prospects in a while and this makes for a huge win for Khbabez.

Another big upset was Loren Jorge collected his second Stoica scalp in SuperKombat, knocking Andrei Stoica down early into round one with a right hook. Stoica got to his feet but did not look all there and was quickly down on the mat again with the referee calling for the bell, crowning a new SuperKombat Super Cruiserweight Champion in Loren Jorge.

Heavyweight Tournament: Roman Kryklia (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Ivan Pavle

Heavyweight Tournament: Tarik Khbabez (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Nicolas Wamba 

Claudiu Badoi (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Mika Tahitu 

Alexandru Negrea (R1 - KO) Noureddine Echiguer 

Tournament Final: Tarik Khbabez (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Roman Kryklia 

SuperKombat Super Cruiserweight Title: Jorge Loren (R1 - TKO) Andrei Stoica(C)

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