Punch Bags

Leather Punch Bags

Leather Punch & Kick Bags are the next step up from a vinyl option. All of our selected leather bags are excellent in quality and we pride ourselves on not stocking inferior options.  There are many sizes, weights and styles in our range which are ideal for both home and gym use.

Synthetic Punch Bags

Synthetic punch bags range from standard P.U versions to 'Syntek', 'Maya' & 'Neva-Tear' varieties. We are very concious of offering usable products, that is to say something that reaches at least an acceptable standard. So even our standard P.U bag is a good item. We do not offer sub standard options that you may find in multiple stores or non-sports brands. There is a very good reason for their cheapness!

Modern technology has delivered us synthetic bags in the modern age to rival some leather bags in feel, weight & style and now there are dozens of choices. Even our P.U bags are at the top end of their category.

Our experts are here to talk you through the selection process on 'Live Chat', email or via telephone. So please take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you need to!

Please also refer to our BUYERS GUIDELINES below to help you with your choice.


  • Consider what the bag will be used for to establish the length, shape & weight that is suitable for you
  • Synthetic bags are now available in many formats so study the benefits of each bag such as:- How they are filled, what kind of material is used, how it is hung.
  • Ensure that you know the approx. weight of the bag and check that your hanging area and fixings are suitable.
  • We have over 20 years of selecting and testing good quality bag products

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